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Why Did Brian Write Career Management Toolkit?

Having specialized in the recruitment and career management industries since 1993, I have spent thousands of hours with thousands of people in very private 1 on 1 conversations.

These conversations were generally based on 1 of 2 events - they were either a job seeker saying, “Brian, I want a new job and need your advice,” or an employer saying, “Brian, I need you to find the perfect person for me for this vacancy.

I’ve also spent countless hours talking with both job seekers and employers about their lives in general, their career and life goals, and their continued pursuit of self-improvement.

Diane Clarke Senior Finance Broker, Loanmarket & Commercial Finance
I found the CMT most beneficial to both my business and personal life I run my own finance business and will be looking to employ my first staff member within the next 12 months, so from a potential employer point of view, I now feel I'm in a much better position to do so. This material has provided me with tools to guide me towards the most suitable candidate I wish I'd had access to the CMT during my ‘employed’ years, I think it would have made a vast difference to my life at that time. CMT is a brilliant tool for those working on ‘choosing’ and ‘getting’ the right job I also found the CMT very helpful from the perspective of my own self development, specifically the time management, public speaking and self marketing sessions. I am really happy to say that I have actively implemented positive changes to my business day as a direct result of my learnings Thank you Brian for your inspiring work!


The broad range of people who I have advised over the years includes:
  • Fresh school leavers and college graduates
  • CEO’s of large, medium and small companies
  • Blue collar workers
  • Defense personnel leaving the military
  • Employees at all levels of seniority working for large, medium and small companies
  • Government workers
  • Scientists
  • Stay-at-home mothers who are seeking to return to work
  • Retirees interested to re-enter the workforce
Linda Downs Asia Pacific Human Resources Director, ERM
The Career Management Toolkit is a high-quality toolkit that every professional should own. It provides an easy-to-use framework and instruction set for individuals to plan for, and execute, a successful career or career shift. It covers the not-so common sense issues of how to write a good resume and cover letter; how to prepare for an interview and how to close the deal. It even covers what to do once you have that dream job. The Toolkit captures and articulates the key learnings that take most professionals a lifetime to acquire.
Having helped so many people towards achieving their career objectives and accumulating so much knowledge along the way about career management, I decided that it was time to take what I know and package it in such a way, so that I could help many millions of people around the world towards achieving their own career objectives and maybe even empower them to help others who they care about.
Chris Probert Regional Planning Manager, GM - Middle East
Career Management Toolkit is a great resource for anyone who wants to be more successful by managing their own career more effectively. The lessons are practical, easy to understand and have personally helped me in many key areas of my professional life. I would highly recommend it to anyone as it opens your mind to many aspects of work and personal life that can help improve your overall success and happiness.
The process is now complete and I’m proud to offer you the “Career Management Toolkit”. The Career Management Toolkit was created to provide you with valuable tools that you can constantly refer to throughout your life. Here are a few scenarios where you’ll find the Career Management Toolkit invaluable:
  • You are an employee who is seeking to improve your situation and prospects in your current company
  • You are an employee who is seeking a new job
  • You are unemployed and seeking a new job
  • You are an employer who wants to improve the quality of people that you hire and be able to retain those people in your company
  • You simply want to improve your own career management skills and those of the people that you care about
Krishna Everson Marketing Mentor, Health Practice Success
Everyone deserves to be in a job role that is satisfying and rewarding. Whether you are just starting out, or onto your third or forth career change in a lifetime, Brian Moore’s Career Management Toolkit will steer you in the right direction. This comprehensive guide shows you exactly how to design the job of your dreams, and how to get there. It covers what resources to use, how to stay on track and what to focus on to get the results you want. Whether you need to choose the right job or find the right job, the Career Management Toolkit has it all.
The Career Management Toolkit is great for parents who want to help guide the careers of their children, and also for educators, mentors, career coaches, business owners, and anyone interested in career success for themselves, their staff, their family and their friends.
Matthew McGrath Asia Pacific Regional Head of Communications
The Swiss army knife of such guides - compact, practical and eminently useful.


The Career Management Toolkit contains 15 unique lessons which will help guide you throughout your entire career, both as an employee and as an employer. This is the key point of difference that makes the Career Management Toolkit so unique - it is a truly holistic approach to career management that you can continue to use throughout the whole of your working life, from the time that you leave school until the day that you retire. Regardless of where you fit into the companies that you work for, the Career Management Toolkit will help and encourage you to be your best.
Gloria Kam
The Career Management Toolkit is a comprehensive guide for job seekers. Important sessions in writing resumes and cover letters, attending interviews as well as searching for jobs are fully covered. Moreover, survival skills like time management and presentation are also on the list. I find the chapters on choosing the right job (the 10 Ps) and the right career are particularly good criteria when the critical decision is about to be made. In reading this Career Management Toolkit, you will appreciate that Brian is not only giving out career advice, but also tips on continuous self-improvement as needed in attaining one’s career goal.


If you like to learn by listening, then the Audio Book (MP3) version of the toolkit provides over 2½ hours of valuable information for you. You can listen to them on your way to and from work, while youre exercising, or relaxing. If you prefer to learn by reading, then the 120 page Book or 107 page full colour eBook (PDF) is for you. All 3 formats of Career Management Toolkit will teach you many important lessons that will continue to serve you well throughout your life. Here are the 15 lessons, which you will see can be applied by you, whether you’re a CEO or a fresh graduate, whether you work for a Fortune 500 company or a Government department, whether you’re in the military or the not-for-profit industry, whether you’re a stay-at-home mother or a retiree, eager to re-enter the workforce.
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  • Lesson 1: The 10 Ps of choosing the right job

  • Lesson 2: How to prepare a resume that gets the results that you want

  • Lesson 3: How to prepare a cover letter that works

  • Lesson 4: The interview survival guide

  • Lesson 5: How to be a better public speaker

  • Lesson 6: How to handle counter offers

  • Lesson 7: Time - You only get one chance to use it

  • Lesson 8: How to induct a new employee

  • Lesson 9: A quick guide to giving and receiving feedback

  • Lesson 10: Successful one minute, mediocre the next

  • Lesson 11: How do you look for a new job - it’s all about positive networking

  • Lesson 12: How do you choose the right career - you can start by designing your next job

  • Lesson 13: How do you hire the right staff?

  • Lesson 14: Self marketing - how do you keep yourself in the spotlight?

  • Lesson 15: How do you manage your own performance and what should you expect in your performance review?

Matthew Timothy Miller
Often in my career development, I have tended to jump from job to job with no real clarity or long term vision. I found the CMT helped to focus on what I should be looking for, now and longer term. Using the kit, I was able to design a series of concise questions that I wanted to ask my next employer. I now feel more comfortable that I am in control of my future I particularly found the section on writing resumes & cover letters very informative. My resumes have been recycled and added to for the past 20 years. I have never really considered that it was outdated. Following the CMT, I redesigned a concise, cohesive & structurally sound resume that will catch the eye of any employer. Using the “AIDA” format that the CMT advises, I have been able to write a blistering cover letter that I feel certain will grab a potential employer’s attention


The investment you will make in the Career Management Toolkit will be repaid to you many times over throughout your career. I'm so pleased that you can now benefit from the many years of experience that I've enjoyed in advising and partnering with thousands of people in their pursuit of career satisfaction. I passionately believe that your USD$19.95 investment in the Career Management Toolkit will bring you and those you care about, "true peace of mind" and inspire you to enjoy the career happiness that you deserve.