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The Career Management Toolkit was created to provide you with valuable tools that you can constantly refer to throughout your life. Here are a few scenarios where you’ll find the Career Management Toolkit invaluable:

  • You are an employee who is seeking to improve your situation and prospects in your current company;
  • You are an employee who is seeking a new job;
  • You are an employer who wants to improve the quality of people that you hire and be able to retain those people in your company;
  • You simply want to improve your own career management skills and those of the people that you care about;
  • You are unemployed and seeking a new job

The Career Management Toolkit contains 15 unique lessons which will help guide you throughout your entire career, both as an employee and as an employer. The Career Management Toolkit is unique as it provides a truly holistic approach to career management that you can continue to use throughout the whole of your working life, from the time that you leave school until the day that you retire.

The 15 lessons will provide you with relevant career advice, whether you’re a CEO or a fresh graduate, whether you work for a Fortune 500 company or a Government department, whether you’re in the military or the not-for-profit industry, whether you’re a stay-at-home mother or a retiree, eager to re-enter the workforce.

If you like to learn by listening, then the Audio Book (MP3) version of the toolkit provides over 2½ hours of valuable information for you. You can listen to the 15 lessons on your way to and from work, while you’re exercising, or relaxing.

The toolkit is an excellent, easy to read summary of best practice of the key areas covered. The resume section is a good reminder and checklist for someone like myself, who has not been seeking new employment for some time.

Ben Williams

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