Brian has put together a practical guide, based on decades as a successful headhunter and career advisor. It could not be more timely, as millions struggle to find a new job in today’s difficult markets, and as millions more look for the first real career post after school or university.

The contents are not gimmicky, or showy. They offer solid practical guidance, which, if followed, would certainly make an ordinary candidate look good, and a good candidate look perfect (recruiters always look for the perfect candidate, despite all life’s experience telling them there is no such thing!).

There are useful sections on choosing the right career, and on choosing the right job. Good career management is like good marriage-making: finding those compatibilities which will make individual and employer happy with each other, growing together, and building each other’s success. Material rewards usually follow, rather than lead, such mutual fit.

There are sections on self-marketing, and on preparing a CV or resume. Pitching at a new job with a new company is not easy. It requires confidence, or more, an aura of conviction which few amongst us find easy. Such confidence can of course be buttressed by a professionally structured CV tailored to the target job.

There are guidelines on making a success out of an interview opportunity, where Brian’s expertise is particularly on show as he helps distil the essence of self-presentation, and how to assess the suitability of the potential employer and potential job. There is also a short section on how to respond to a counter-offer from the existing employer. Most careers develop with a move away from an employer, but many will see a return later to the earlier employer, or will lean on a reputation there, or at least will require a reasonable reference. For all these reasons, selling a departure to the current employer and parting amiably is sound practice.

Finally, Brian throws in for good measure sections on public speaking and time management, and on inducting others, which are perhaps somewhat tangential to the main purpose, but represent a useful additional bonus!
Roger Harrison, now retired, was formerly the Personnel Director of Unilever Australasia in the mid nineties, and then the Senior Vice-President of the various Asia Unilever business groups. He was a lead player in laying the bedrock of the all-Asia Unilever region's ongoing success, through a storm of transformational appointments from top to bottom tiers of management in over thirty countries.


The Career Management Toolkit is precisely what the book title says it is - a "toolkit" to help manage your career, and what a handy toolkit to have around. I have found myself referring to it often.

The CMT consolidates important information and advice into one convenient place (along with providing many new career insights) in a very sleek and readable package. The toolkit prompts you to ask critical questions which may have otherwise been overlooked.

The CMT is written in a very straightforward and readable format and once you start reading it, you'll want to read it cover to cover until you reach the end.

A highly recommended read and more than that, a key reference source!
Mitchell Schoenberg (CPA, CIA, CISA), Operational Risk Management Consulting - Freddie Mac Washington, D.C.


The Career Management Toolkit represents an essential aid to all of us eager to retain our place in the career value chain and to achieve the mantra of the author “ Be your best, love your life”!

Brian Moore is exceptionally qualified to present the fifteen chapters that breakdown within this toolkit. He has worked in major recruitment organisations across two continents and for many years has run his own professional practice.

Like driving a car, the most effective learning is to assimilate knowledge into the consciousness, not even realising all the skill sets, information recall, analysis and execution necessary to bring everything together to perform the task. The Career management Toolkit replicates that process as Brian reminds us, step by step, as to the vital elements of selecting, securing, promoting and realising our career goals. Much of these lessons re-enforce grounded, practical sense rules that become so obvious after reading. Some of the anecdotes are both pitch perfect and strikingly simple i.e. “in making public presentations, don’t use humour unless you are funny”. So many presenters I have seen would have done well to remember such simple truths.

The lessons are not all proscriptive as Brian reminds emphasises flexibility and illustrates that no one perfect style or format exists which would be equally appropriate for every case. But, these lessons serve to focus upon an objective and to improve the incidence of success for anyone who assimilates the wisdom imparted.
Grahame Farquhar, CFO, Responze TV


The career management toolkit gives an excellent insight into where you may be with your career and what your options might be. If you are starting out or looking to make progress inside or outside of your organisation, the toolkit offers clear direction and poses important questions that will assist you. It is an easy read and offers simple tips to guide you on your path to success.
Scott Armstrong, General Manager Golf, The Vines Resort and Country Club


The toolkit is an excellent, easy to read summary of best practice of the key areas covered. The resume section is a good reminder and checklist for someone like myself, who has not been seeking new employment for some time
Ben Williams


I found the CMT filled with practical tips on finding, retaining and motivating staff. I found it useful that the perspective of both the employee and employer was provided together. I think managers often neglect to consider both sides of the equation when considering either their own career planning or helping others plan theirs. Brian's real life examples were clear illustration of these tips working. I will keep this as a reference in my HR planning.
Robert Jolly, Executive Director, Ferrier Hodgson


Hi. My name is Michael. I am 43 years of age and consider myself a career public servant within the Federal Public Service. Recently I sought the assistance of a career planner, as I wanted to initiate some change within my career. My career planner referred me to a very valuable career management training resource. I am specifically referring to The Career Management Toolkit developed by Brian Moore.

Initially I was skeptical, as I have found most educational packages boring & repetitive in content. I have also considered my chances for career advancement within my department limited and unattainable. My decision to act on this referral has proven to be a very positive career move.

The Career Management Toolkit has provided me with valuable direction on how best to market and present myself within the public service. It has also helped me to carefully scrutinize what a particular job has to offer and whether it provides a challenging and rewarding career path. The tool kit has also helped me construct a more professional resume and fine tune many aspects of what career path I want to pursue.  It has also helped me to identify personal & professional strengths that are relative to other government departments.

On a personal level, it has provided me with a career "kick in the pants", and it has motivated me to seek the best possible results for myself and my family. I am thankful I took that advice. Recently I obtained a senior managerial position within a different government department, which presents greater challenges, responsibility and relocation interstate.

It is very clear Brian has an in-depth knowledge of career management and a passion for assisting people achieve their career goals.  He has certainly assisted me in better planning my career and for that I am personally very appreciative
Michael Nugara


I found the CMT most beneficial to both my business and personal life I run my own finance business and will be looking to employ my first staff member within the next 12 months, so from a potential employer point of view, I now feel I'm in a much better position to do so. This material has provided me with tools to guide me towards the most suitable candidate

I wish I'd had access to the CMT during my ‘employed’ years, I think it would have made a vast difference to my life at that time. CMT is a brilliant tool for those working on ‘choosing’ and ‘getting’ the right job

I also found the CMT very helpful from the perspective of my own self development, specifically the time management, public speaking and self marketing sessions.  I am really happy to say that I have actively implemented positive changes to my business day as a direct result of my learnings

Thank you Brian for your inspiring work!
Diane Clarke, Senior Finance Broker, Loanmarket Residential and Commercial Finance


The Career Management Toolkit is a high-quality toolkit that every professional should own. It provides an easy-to-use framework and instruction set for individuals to plan for, and execute, a successful career or career shift. It covers the not-so common sense issues of how to write a good resume and cover letter; how to prepare for an interview and how to close the deal. It even covers what to do once you have that dream job. The Toolkit captures and articulates the key learnings that take most professionals a lifetime to acquire. Linda Downs, Asia Pacific Human Resources Director, ERM


Career Management Toolkit is a great resource for anyone who wants to be more successful by managing their own career more effectively. The lessons are practical, easy to understand and have personally helped me in many key areas of my professional life. I would highly recommend it to anyone as it opens your mind to many aspects of work and personal life that can help improve your overall success and happiness. Chris Probert, Regional Planning Manager, General Motors - Middle East Operations


Everyone deserves to be in a job role that is satisfying and rewarding. Whether you are just starting out, or onto your third or fourth career change in a lifetime, Brian Moore’s Career Management Toolkit  will steer you in the right direction. This comprehensive guide shows you exactly how to design the job of your dreams, and how to get there. It covers what resources to use, how to stay on track and what to focus on to get the results you want. Whether you need to choose the right job or find the right job, the Career Management Toolkit has it all.
Krishna Everson, Marketing Mentor, Health Practice Success

The Career Management Toolkit is a comprehensive guide for job seekers. Important sessions in writing resumes and cover letters, attending interviews as well as searching for jobs are fully covered. Moreover, survival skills like time management and presentation are also on the list. I find the chapters on choosing the right job (the 10 Ps) and the right career are particularly good criteria when the critical decision is about to be made. In reading this Career Management Toolkit, you will appreciate that Brian is not only giving out career advice, but also tips on continuous self-improvement as needed in attaining one’s career goal. Gloria Kam

The Swiss army knife of such guides - compact, practical and eminently useful.
Matthew McGrath, Regional Head of Corporate Communications, Asia Pacific


Often in my career development, I have tended to jump from job to job with no real clarity or long term vision. I found the CMT helped to focus on what I should be looking for, now and longer term. Using the kit, I was able to design a series of concise questions that I wanted to ask my next employer. I now feel more comfortable that I am in control of my future

I particularly found the section on writing resumes & cover letters very informative. My resumes have been recycled and added to for the past 20 years. I have never really considered that it was outdated. Following the CMT, I redesigned a concise, cohesive & structurally sound resume that will catch the eye of any employer. Using    the “AIDA” format that the CMT advises, I have been able to write a blistering cover letter that I feel certain will grab a potential employer’s attention

I was surprised to find a section on counter offers in the CMT. I recently resigned from a senior position with the company I worked for. Much to my surprise, my current employer made me a counter offer which threw me into some doubt and confusion. I was able to use the advice offered in the CMT to help clarify my thoughts    & my next plan of action. I feel that this was timely advice considering my position

Overall I was surprised at the depth & structure of the CMT. As a manager for the past 8 years, it's easy to slip into some poor habits without self reflection; particularly around managing staff performance, staff reviews and the like. Summarising the key points of the CMT in areas such as “how to be a better public speaker” to “using time management”, and “induction & feedback to employees”, I realise that I have become a little lazy in my approach

The CMT is a very good tool to review and keep you right on track.
Matthew Timothy Miller


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